Our culture of joy, support and excellence frames a learning environment that promotes imagination, exploration, growth and achievement.

Faculty & Staff

  • Principal | Becky Frye
  • Development Dir | Tanya Chavez
  • Preschool3 | Jo-Anne Powers
  • Pre-K4 | Carrie Booth
  • Kindergarten | Mary Anne Sullivant
  • 1st Grade | Michele O'Hare
  • 2nd Grade | Darlene Lyons
  • 3rd Grade | Taylor Burkette
  • 4th Grade | Cheryle Borsos
  • 5th Grade | Corinne Lewellen
  • 6th Grade | Science/Math | Teresa Bumgarner
  • 8th Grade | Language Arts/Social Studies | Kim Kenneson
  • Art | Felicia Gregory
  • Music | Mandee Langley & Cristi Reilly
  • Physical Education | Danielle Miranda
  • Preschool3-2 Religion | Patricia Huff
  • 3-8 Religion | Denise Miracle
  • STEM/Math | Susan McNabb
  • Resource | Michelle Morgan
  • School Counselor | John Lawson
  • Wellness Committee | Kids Run the Nation | Heather Champney
  • Bookkeeper | Carol Manhard
  • Receptionist/Secretary | Melody Berry
  • Aftercare Director |
  • Teacher Aide | Kylie Gosnell
  • Teacher Aide | Carol Jones
  • Teacher Aide | Karin Miller
  • Teacher Aide | Nidia Tejada
  • Cafeteria | Anna Chacon

Our Classrooms

Staff Characteristics

All St. Mary’s classroom teachers presently hold Bachelor’s Degrees. Forty-four percent have advanced degrees. All special area teachers hold bachelor’s degrees. Our Pre-K program is taught by a certified educator with a full-time assistant.

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The average number of years in education for the St. Mary’s staff is 14.3 years. The average number of years of service at St. Mary’s is 11.

St. Mary’s has the service of a part-time counselor with a Master’s Degree in School Counseling, as well as, an Educational Specialist Degree in Counseling. St. Mary’s School also has the services of a certified full-time special education teacher. Along with these services, our Pastor and Associate Pastor are good sources of spiritual and emotional comfort to students. They are available to students and faculty upon request.

St. Mary’s has two religion teachers that receive their catechetical training and certification through the Diocese of Knoxville. The curriculum includes specific areas of study and number of hours necessary to certify as a Provisional Catechist, Catechist, Advanced Catechist or Professional Catechist. After initial certification is obtained, continuous education is required to maintain, or advance certification during each two-year period. Of St. Mary’s two religion teachers, one is an Advanced Catechist and the other is a Professional Catechist.

The school system of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville holds an annual in-service for all teachers. Available funds allow assistance to faculty for recertification and professional development. Teachers take advantage of the school’s proximity to East Tennessee State University, Milligan College, and Northeast State Technical Community College. Available funds also allow staff members to attend conventions and workshops in other communities. Teachers are mandated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville Policies and Procedures Manual to earn six hours of training and/or enrichment each school year outside of in-service offered by the diocese or St. Mary’s School.

Professional development is a priority at St. Mary’s School. During the past four years St. Mary’s has provided in-service sessions in: Differentiated and Personal Morality; Thinking Maps; Gender Differences; First Aid and CPR; Autism; Bullying; Harry Wong; Dealing with Difficult Parents; Faculty Retreats-Team Building, Fruit of the Spirit, and Contemplative Prayer.



SMS Wellness Committee works with parent volunteers, faculty and staff to enhance the health and well ness of the school environment. The Wellness Committee oversees maintenance of the school garden and works with the kitchen staff to provide fresh ingredients for healthy recipes. The committee helps to maintain the St. Mary's Community Fitness Trail as well as work with teachers to get students involved in all aspects of growing and harvesting and leading cooking activities as a part of the curriculum.

Kids Run the Nation

Kids Run the Nation (KRTN) is a volunteer led after school program offered in cooperation with Aftercare. This noncompetitive program is open tal all SMS students in Pre - K through 8th grade and serves as an introduction to the sport of running and reinforces the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the idea that being active is fun! We have a fall and a spring session and finish up the year with a family fun run/walk 3K on our fitness trail.

Cafeteria Services

A free and reduced lunch program is available for those students who qualify using federal guidelines. Applications for this program are sent home to each family at the beginning of the school year. Additionally, these forms are readily available in the School Office throughout the year.



STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, Middle school STEM encompasses the processes of critical thinking, analysis, and collaboration in which students integrate the processes and concepts in real world contexts, fostering the development of STEM skills and competencies for college, career, and life. For more information about STEM, please visit Live Science

St. Mary's School is proud of our Teachers and Students


Small class sizes enable teachers to work closely with each student to ensure he or she is fully engaged and challenged. Graduates leave well-prepared for success in high school and beyond. Students attend high school ready to take on a full range of academic endeavors as a result of the public speaking experience, analytical skills, and maturity they have developed at SMS.

We offer a vigorous academic program for students as well as engaging, hands on learning experiences.