Looking to Supplement Your Home-Schooling?

St. Mary's School is interested in partnering with families who have chosen to provide a home-school education for their children.

We recognize why you have chosen home-schooling, but we are also aware of some of the challenges. Home-schooling requires parent-teachers to become experts in all academic areas for all of the grade and ability levels of their children without many of the resources available in a formal school environment. Because of our close relationship with local families, we are in a unique position to offer options to supplement an existing home-school curriculum.

Families can enroll their children in daily instruction at St. Mary's School in the areas of English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Art, Music, Technology (STEM), Physical Education, and Flower Farming!

Middle School Math is offered in two tracks - grade level and advanced. There are many hands-on learning experiences in our Science and STEM classes, and kids love getting their hands dirty in our flower garden. They will quickly learn how to run their own business!

Take advantage of our experienced teachers and see why our 8th graders are scoring at the level of average high school seniors!

Students are able to participate in student council and any other school celebrations.

For more specific details and registration information, please contact Mrs. Becky Frye at Becky.Frye@stmarysjc.org


Cost of Attendance

One Course/Subject, based on number of days per week:

  • One Class Per Week:
    $190/Semester - Flower Garden Science and Farming
  • Two Classes Per Week:
    $383/Semester - Art, Music, Technology, P.E.
  • Four Classes Per Week:
    $675/Semester - Religion
  • Five Classes Per Week:
    $775/Semester - Math, Reading, Science, & Social Studies
  • Middle School STEM:
    $100/Semester Once Every Three Weeks
  • Fees:

  • Book Rental $20
  • Technology Fee $35
  • - If taking Technology/STEM
    - Kindergarten thru 8th Grade Only

Our Student Population

St. Mary's is an elementary and middle school with PreK thru 8th grade classes. Our student population reflects a blending of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Of the total population, approximately 27% are non-Catholic.

Age Requirements

According to the laws of Tennessee and Diocesan #1030, a child must be five (5) years old by August 15th of the year entering Kindergarten; a child must be four (4) years old by August 15th of the year entering Pre-Kindergarten